Australian cricketers drink beer in their shoes after winning the World Cup

In the final of the T20 World Cup, Australia easily defeated New Zealand in a one-sided contest and won the T20 World Cup title for the first time.

Video of Australian players celebrating in the dressing room after winning the T20 World Cup are going viral.

A video of the Australian players celebrating in the dressing room was shared by the ICC in which the very happy wicket keeper Matthew Wade took off his shoe and drank beer.

All-rounder Marcus Stevens did the same in Matthew Wade’s style, while captain Aaron Finch put beer in his shoes and drank it and then started singing and dancing.

So was this celebration of Australian athletes just a coincidence or is it part of Australian tradition?

In fact, drinking alcohol in Australia is a special way of celebrating success that has been going on for a long time.

This way of celebrating in Australia is called DOING A SHOEY. This way of celebrating was popularized worldwide by Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricardo, although it was already popular in Australia.

After winning the 2016 German Grand Prix race, Danielle stood on the podium for the first time and drank alcohol in his shoes, after which the world’s attention was drawn to it.

In Australia, drinking alcohol in shoes is also considered a sign of good luck and is often done before important events or competitions. Also, in the early 20th century, drinking champagne in a woman’s shoes was considered a sign of degradation.

If you look at history, during World War I, German soldiers were instructed to put beer in their leather shoes and share it with each other so that the goddess of fortune would be kind to them before the war.

Even in the Middle Ages, the idea of ​​drinking wine in one’s shoes was a blessing in disguise.

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